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Based On substrate selection screen Printing Mesh
Mar 09, 2017

Based on substrate selection screen printing mesh.

In screen printing, a wide range of substrate materials have their own characteristics. Usually when you select screen can be selected according to the substrate material.

When the substrate is clothes, scarves, ties, bags, and so on, can choose a nylon mesh;

When printing postcards, wallpaper, calendars, and so on, a thick nylon mesh;

When the substrate is glass, metal containers, wood, ceramics, plastic products, toys, made of nylon mesh, thin Polyester mesh, stainless steel wire mesh

As substrate for integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, insulating cloth, television components, and so on, can use Polyester mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

Shanghai SPRING Silk Screen Mesh & Filter Material Industrial Corporation is a professional manufacturer of mesh cloth and filter material, our polyester mesh, nylon mesh mainly used for screen printing or filtration, the needle felt fabric is used for fitleration only, both material can be made into bags.